Duplicate page, changes updated on both remedy?

I duplicated a page on my site and made a ton of changes for the new page. What I didn’t realize is that it also made changes to the original page. Not everything, but several elements were changed along with the new page. I had published it not knowing it did that until later. So I went back to the previous version and published it back, but I want to restore my new page without affecting the original copied version. I spent a ton of time on it and don’t want to lose my work. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Can you share your project read-only link?

Also, to help us help you further, supply a loom.com screen recording and share that video link with us.

Bayley, the most likely scenario here is that you’re using components, and edited the base component. That content would be propagated to both pages.

There really isn’t any other way that changes on one static page would affect a cloned static page.

Hey bro, I’m facing the same problem…

Did you find luck??