Duplicate Page and Links


Recently ran into slight glitchy problem with the website interactions.

I have four pages on my project site. Let’s say each page is called “Page A”, “Page B”, “Page C”, and “Page D”. Each have a simple slug address; “/page-a”, “/page-b”, “/page-c”, and “/page-d”.

I have duplicated Page B, creating “Page B Copy” with a slug “/page-b-copy”. I did this because I wanted to delete Page C and re-design it with a Page B duplicate as both pages are similar.

I didn’t want to completely delete the original Page C, in case I needed to refer to it while designing, so I planned to keep it privately within the project but hide it from users – possibly deleting it at a later time when the site project was completed.

So I renamed “Page C” to “Old Page C” for my personal reference. I also renamed the slug address from “/page-c” to “/old-page-c”. In order to replace the original Page C with the new Page B duplicate, I renamed the “Page B Copy” to “Page C” and the slug address from “/page-b-copy” to “/page-c”.

I assumed that by renaming the page and slug to Page C’s, it wouldn’t affect my Links within my site which are programmed to be linked to “Page C”. However, instead these links are sending the user to the slug address “/old-page-c” instead of “/page-c”, despite the fact that on the Link Block link settings, the directed page is set for “Page C”.

Is there any way to tell a Link Block to link to a specific slug address? I think that would solve my problem if I can find out how and if that is possible.

I have tried deleting the “Old Page C” but the Link Blocks still link to “/old-page-c” which now doesn’t even exist.

Any help or advice?

Hi Jesse,

The fist issue you describe does not sound like a glitch at all. No matter which way you change page’s name or slug, it should not change links in the project.
A better workflow for this process would be to keep the old copy as backup and re-dseign the original page (the one all the links point to).

The 2nd issue, regarding links that point to a non existing page:
Could you share a read only link?


I understand that the Link Blocks sync with any changes made to a page’s name or slug address. In the preview mode, all the links appear to work, but I suspect that this is because the preview mode doesn’t use slug address to link. However, when one views the published page as normal, the 404 error will appear when trying to access the link. And if you take a look at the web address it will show the deleted slug in the address bar.

I believe it is slightly glitches, or want of a better word. Perhaps the mechanisms of Webflow simply get a bit muddled up.

What I should have done is made the duplicate page the one I was going to edit, and keep the old one as a private one. Instead I have done the opposite, editing the original page and using the duplicate as private reference page. All links, despite the private page no longer existing, send you to the private page’s dead slug. Is there a way to tell a Link Block which slug to be linked to? That would probably be the solution to this problem.

Furthermore, you type out the URL of the page I am trying to access into a browser address bar – “/page-c”, the address redirects to “/old-page-c” which, as I keep stating, no longer exists.

I have a very similar issue and would love a solution for it.

It is possible that you created a redirect when you changed the slug? Webflow have this option appear once the slug is edited.