Duplicate ID troubleshooting: email subscribe forms at top and bottom of blog post template

Hi friends,

Amateur here struggling with a “duplicate ID” warning.

I have a simple email subscribe form as a component in my blog post template header, which is hooked up to my convertkit account.

I placed a second instance at the bottom of the page, and now I’m getting this duplicate ID audit error.

The problem is that, as far as I can tell, I need the ID to be “wf-form-email_address” in all instances of the form in order for the convertkit integration to work. I also need the email address text entry fields to have ID “email_address”.

Been back and forth with GPT for 2 hours on this and it’s stumped.

Help greatly appreciated.

Here is my site read-only link: Webflow - dangoldfield.com

Can’t you create another instance in convertkit with a different ID?

Integrating ConvertKit forms with Webflow