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Duplicate form... require multiple zaps?

If I’ve got the same exact form duplicated on several pages and I want to setup zapier to handle the submissions, do I have to setup multiple zaps? Right now the only information being transmitted from the same form on other pages is the date.

Should I be looking for something that I messed up or is this typical behavior?

Anybody know of a way to do this that isn’t going to make me pay for a separate Zapier plan for a single website?

You can make 2 zaps for free. One for each form.

Or you can try using wufoo or MailChimp for your forms.

I already pay for a Zapier account. What I’m trying to avoid is using up all 20 of my zaps on a single site even though the forms are absolute duplicates. (The site is hosted with Webflow, not that that should matter.)

Free services are awful. I’m not having emails with gigantic logos sent to my otherwise-whitelisted client. Outside of that, what I’m integrating with is Google Sheets.

Hi there, I am wondering about this as well. Were you able to use 1 zap for the same form on multiple pages?