Drops the "www" in the links

I am not sure why this is happening. In the links, I am adding a link to another folder/subdomain on my website. It is there when I export the zip file but when I click the link online, it drops the www and the link is broken. How can I fix this?

What I am trying to do is link the navigation from the portfolio folder/subdomain to another subdomain. So if you click the Services link in the nav, it is broken - the www is gone. But in the webflow interface the www is there.

I hope this makes sense

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/marnell-companies-projects?utm_source=marnell-companies-projects&preview=c297f383e99b9507b2112722dcd253e1&mode=preview
([how to access public share link][2])

Here it is online/live for you to look at what is it is doing.:

I think the questions you have will be answered in this topic.

The href are in two different folders/sub domains. should i use the …/ so it knows to go up a level?

One level up would be ../. You can test this on your exported project with a simple edit.

This is what happens when I use …/jolie/services.html
Here is the site:
Click the services link at the top.

What did I do wrong?


thank you! I will try that tomorrow when i get into work. fingers crossed.

I tested on your published site.

This is not a bug. So I am moving the topic.

what topic should I have used? I was not sure which to use.

No issue. It’s just not a bug with Webflow. I moved it to Design Help -> Layout since it involved using the designer and linking. Better fit I think.

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