Dropdowns not working in IE

I posted before about Grid not working in IE, and was told I need to switch to Flexbox. Ok, annoying since a ton of my site is built using Grid, but I’ll do it. Now it looks like my drop-downs ALSO don’t work in IE - both the nav bar and the FAQ page. Is that also something that doesn’t work in IE?? A large portion of our users have outdated tech and IE is their primary browser, so just saying “don’t use IE” isn’t an option. This is getting incredibly frustrating and I’d appreciate any insight!

Here’s my read only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/maggie-degennaros-blank-site?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=maggie-degennaros-blank-site&preview=dc8995098f5df98d14fd0d2442a483c3&mode=preview

From my understanding, Webflow does not support for versions of IE prior to 11. So, if your users do not have at least IE11, there is, unfortunately, no solution, only workarounds. Here’s what you can do:

I advise adding a banner/notification that pops up when users access your website to either update IE or install Google Chrome.

If that isn’t an option, it’s also acceptable to remove the dropdown completely to force the user to go to the landing page and find sub-links there. The video below demonstrates how clicking the Support tab on Apple’s website will bring you to a page with more links on it.


Lastly, you can redesign your footer to add more links as shown below.