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Dropdowns not working in Chrome

My client has reported that the menu dropdowns on are no longer working in Chrome since he updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 PC recently. His version of Chrome is 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit). I am also having same problem on my Mac (10.14.2 Mojav) using same version of Chrome.

Strangely - he and I can both view and interact with the dropdowns on the staging site (which has exactly same content as the live site) at

I have checked the css for all Nav styles - and can confirm I only updated things like margins, padding, font colours etc (i.e. nothing relating to positioning or visibility etc).

I have cleared the browser cache, closed and re-opened the browser numerous times - with no success. I have also turned anti-virus off, momentarily, to test - and this made no difference. I don’t have any unusual extensions installed in Chrome - and have tested the site after temporarily disabling those few that I do have.

There are no problems with the numerous other sites, with similar dropdowns, that I have created in Webflow. The only differences with this site is that are that it has Webflow CMS hosting in a separate Webflow account (owned by my client). All of my other sites are in a Pro account and all hosted externally by other host companies.

Hoping someone may be able to shed some light…

Thank you.

Public share link:

I looked at the published site, all your top menu dropdown’s are triggering on hover for me. The only thing I notices was the > items under competitions. Those have no dropdown menu (checked preview) so I was not sure why your would add a > symbol.

OS X (current) Version 74.0.3708.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)

Hi @Clare

Thanks for the post, that is really strange for sure, I checked on Windows 10 with latest version of Chrome and the dropdown menus seem to be working for me on my end, see my test results:

It is very strange, It sounds like there is some kind of browser extension or perhaps anti-virus or something interrupting the mouse hovers.

I would test this with the browser opened in incognito mode. I am not in incognito mode myself and it worked, so if it does work in incognito mode on your local machine, there is probably some local browser factor involved.

Thanks for checking this @webdev - much appreciated.

Thanks for checking this @cyberdave

I wonder though why it works ok for us, in Chrome, for the staging site at but not on the live site? The content is identical - so I would have expected that any anti-virus/browser extension incompatability would apply to the staging site too? Is it possbile that the CMS Hosting would have an impact? Thanks for your continued help with this.

Update. As others can’t replicate this issue I have had to change the dropdowns so that they dropdown on click, rather than on hover.