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Dropdown, w--current, and anchored links

Hey there!
I can’t seem to find anything about this in the forums but here’s my situation: I’ve got a dropdown menu in my primary nav bar and each link within leads to an anchored section on a page.

The w–current class is applied the first time I access an anchored section from outside of the target page. However when I visit another section within that page using the ddmenu, the w–current class remains applied to the first link. Imagine that I’m at index.html and I select Solution >Pro Tips where I’m taken to solution.html#protips. Then I select the Contact Us link from within the ddmenu, Solution > Contact Us. The navigation works however the w–current class remains applied to the Pro Tips link. Hopefully this makes sense!

Hi @christate, is the issue happening only for the exported site, or also in the Webflow hosted site?

Could you please share the read-only link to the site?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @cyberdave, here’s the preview. Thanks!

I don’t see a dropdown in your navbar going to


Can you please provide a screenshot or screen recording of this issue so we can further investigate?

hey @PixelGeek, sorry I was using mock data with the example links in my question. Check out the Use Cases ddmenu in the navbar element. Thanks

Hey guys, any progress on this?

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