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Dropdown + Text link styling for the Menu

I want to put dropdowns with text links in one row to make a menu.
I am not good at that display and positioning staff. I didn’t change it for the WF Dropdown and WF Dropdown Toggle. For some reason either link or the dropdown jump up from the row.

How do I put them in one straight row?

on picture both Toggle and Text link have:
display: inline block
position: relative

Just make them the same class. Check out the tutorials at I would go through and watch all of them before jumping in. Its a real help.

Thanks! That helped.
But since I need some more changes to the dropdown (different color, to adjust the down icon) I had to introduce some additional classes to it. It some of the cases the dropdown would still jump down from the row.
That is probably due to that that I’ve included a text block in my nav menu.