Dropdown quantity selector

Is it possible to create a dynamic dropdown quantity selector? By dynamic I mean that it shows the current amount of items in the inventory.

Something like in this GIF.


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Is it possible to do this without custom code?

Sorry but I need to bump this, any ideas?

What do you mean by dynamic in this scenario? If your question was ‘Is it possible to connect CMS fields to a dropdown list element?’ the answer would be yes.

I mean that the dropdown shows the current inventory amount. When the inventory is at 3 then the dropdown shows 1 to 3 and so on.

Is it possibly to have a quantity selector that works like this? How would I go about to make this?

What is the main reason for doing that?
If you want to make sure the user doesn’t exceed the quantity of items in the inventory Webflow already handles that scenario and will display an error to let the user know they can’t add more items.
In any case the quantity field can be read with an element inside the ‘Add to Cart’ component so in theory a dynamic selector is possible.