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DropDown On Hover (Unresolved)

I have tried to use the help already asked in years past…to no avail.

I don’t see any CONCRETE answers, that I understand, that will allow me to use the drop down widget and have it open the list upon HOVER and not upon CLICK.

I thought this would be a simple step…

btw…I chose “open menu on hover” in the settings pane and that did absolutely nothing.

Can someone point me to a VIDEO or a DETAILED SCREEN SHOT TUTORIAL as I am a visual learner.


Hover is working.

oh my :frowning:

That is not what happens on my end. Perhaps I should update chrome…not sure why it isn’t working for me.

Hi @nd-artistry, after updating chrome, if that does not work, try using chrome in incognito mode:

Sometimes there can be extensions that cause issues or conflicts in the browser. I would also check on safari to see if the issue occurs for you on that browser.

I am here to help as well, so if the issue persists, create a screencast of what is happening and I will also look further. Licecap is a good tool for recording the screen as an animated gif movie

I’d have to download Safari, as I only use Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

I updated and tried incognito to no avail however.

bback going to go DL safari

btw…It “works” in FireFox and Edge but of course those browsers go yet unsupported for actually editing the site itself. But at least I can view it :slight_smile:

Safari is still downloading…

So you would need a screencast of exactly what now…my extensions?

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