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Dropdown on hover not working anymore

So I have a drop down menu that has 5 items listed underneath it. I have ‘Open menu on hover’ checked but my it doesn’t drop down on hover anymore.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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It works for me. You’re talking about the “Services” menu item, right?

Also, you didn’t ask, but I would personally suggest making the background of your “Free Trial” button a nice and bright green, to call attention to your CTA.

Yeah I do mean the services. Weird. I doesn’t work for me in either my exported project or in webflow.

What browser are you using?

Chrome. I just ran in firefox and it worked.

So it works in fire fox and Edge. But not in Chrome and Vivaldi

I’m using Chrome, so it wouldn’t make sense for that to be the base issue. Can we assume you’ve done the simple stuff like emptying cache, etc.?

Emptied cache. Cleared my cookies. Logged in-congnito (into webflow) mode to make sure none of my plugins were interfering. Gave a hard refresh on my local version to make sure I fetched all my resources again.

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