Dropdown not displaying correct spacing on page load

I have a dropdown that gives a brief description on different services. I have the spacing set on each of the dropdowns. When I preview the page, all of the spacings are smaller than what they were set at. The dropdowns still work as they should, but after they close, the spacing goes to what it should be. When I publish the “webflow.io” domain, I get the same issue. I had the page load with the correct spacing, ONCE, but just reloading the page caused the issue to come back.

Read Only Link: Webflow - WTS - NEW

Not only that, friend, you need to work on responsiveness. I can also help you with the dropdown if that’s okay with you. Contact me via LinkedIn or Email.

Thank you for the heads up on the responsiveness. I am working through the site, section by section; breakpoint by breakpoint. It looks like you are viewing the mobile portrait, which I have not even started with. I’m excited for people to see what it will look like after I get through the whole site.

Exactly, it is not scalable to edit each CSS class is a must to learn Client-First.

Thanks for the Tips on CSS and Learning Client-First, however the issue I am having has to do with the services section, and the dropdown associated with each of the services. The photo I attached shows what the section looks like on the published site as it first loads. You can see in the read-only link, that it isn’t supposed to look like that. When you first open the read-only link, the section displays how it should, but if you exit out of preview mode, and then enter back in, it will display like the attached screenshot. That is how it looks every time the page loads on the published link.