Dropdown menus not opening on hover after working properly for years

I’m having a pretty major issue with my dropdown menus not opening on hover anymore. This issue happened out of nowhere… the site has been working perfectly for years.

Here is a link to the site: https://milwaukeepublicmarket.org/

In the past, all of the top nav links with arrows down would open the dropdown on hover. For each, the dropdown toggles have the “open menu on hover” checkbox selected.

Was there an update made that caused some legacy interactions to have issues? I have some additional interactions set on each drop down, and they no longer work properly. Help!!

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/milwaukee-public-market-update?utm_source=milwaukee-public-market-update&preview=681967f4db236db862064926fd27eb77

Hi @craigleren

Thanks for posting about this.

We had an issue yesterday that affected dropdowns but we’ve since pushed a fix that should resolve this.

Can you please try republishing your project and let me know if this resolves the issue on your end?

Hi @Brando - Thanks for getting back to me. I just republished and the issue is still happening. Would you be able to take a further look at it?

Thanks for the update @craigleren

Can you please share your Read-Only link so I can take a closer look? :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing that. This is definitely odd — I’m able to see the issue happening in your project, but can’t seem to reproduce it in a different site.

I’ve forwarded this information to our team and we’ll look into this weird behavior. For now there is a workaround that may help unblock you here — You can use interactions to recreate the hover effect

Here’s a video showing these steps: https://cl.ly/ca7775bc79aa


Hello! Thanks for responding. I’ve implemented the workaround you’ve suggested in your video, and although it works when using Webflow preview mode, when I publish the site it doesn’t work at all. Thoughts?


Hi @craigleren

Super weird! I noticed there’s an opacity of 0% on the menu on the live site for some reason. This may be related to the hover issue we’re seeing as well.

You can address this by adding 100% opacity to the open animation:


Thanks for noticing that. I originally had a legacy interaction on each that made the opacity 0%. I went ahead and removed those and things are now working on the published site.

Can you still make sure to have your team look into the original issue? I’m going to have to work a bit more to get the menus to look and open as they were before - and it just seems odd that they suddenly stopped working out of nowhere.

Appreciate the help!

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Can you still make sure to have your team look into the original issue

Most definitely. Using interactions here is a workaround and not a complete solution. We’ll investigate the behavior further to see if we can find a permanent fix.

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Hey @craigleren,

The fix was actually pushed live the day after Brandon mentioned it (my fault as I mentioned it elsewhere).

The issue was to do with HTML embeds and certain characters within them stopping JQuery working on the site (dropdowns, lightboxes). Luckily for us, the site we found the issue on was a lot smaller as it would have been so tough to find on yours!

I’ve tested a new dropdown on your project and they are working as expected.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further issues.


Thanks @magicmark! I restored a backup from early last week and things do appear to be working properly again. Appreciate the followup!


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