Dropdown menu z-index bug?

Hello forum!

I’ve run into an issue where my open dropdown menu seems to be ‘underneath’ another element causing it to disappear even if the mouse is still hovering over the last link in the dropdown. Please take a look at my site’s read-only link for a better understanding of the issue I’m referring to.

I’ve tried playing around with the z-index of both the dropdown menu as well as the container below it, which I believe is causing the problem but can’t quite figure out how…

Thank you for your help in advance! It’s much, much appreciated.

Hi @nicholasvi, thanks for the post. Is the issue only happening in the designer? Can you help to share the published url to the page having the drop down?

Is it the Services dropdown on the main page you are asking about? A screenshot of the affected elements also helps.

Hi Dave,

Apologies for the ambiguity. I was indeed referring to the Services dropdown on the main page.

The issue more specifically is that, if you hover over services and move down to the link at the bottom, the dropdown menu prematurely shuts, almost as if it no longer recognises that the mouse is still in fact within the dropdown menu element.

The issue occurs in preview mode.

Thanks again!

:slight_smile: Found the solution, had to set the z for the parent element containing the dropdown as opposed to setting it on the dropdown alone.