Dropdown Menu works on all pages except gallery pages?

Currently my dropdown menu expands on all pages except the gallery pages where I have an embed. I have the Z index’s set correct for stacking purposes. I even placed a new nav with a dropdown menu to see if it worked and it did not. Can anyone please help me take a look at this.

Link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/mb-new-2b14dc01b92c2ac117a65cee35d157c6?preview=e6301a3ece36fbe68bdfc19e313c8959

Page to look deeper at: http://mb-new-2b14dc01b92c2ac117a65cee35d157c6.webflow.io/before-the-i-dos

Thank you all!

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Your navbar is at zindex 2000 and the embed at zindex 2001, so your embed is OVER your navbar.

Hey @vincent - thanks for the quick reply. But if you take a look at the test page I made here: http://mb-new-2b14dc01b92c2ac117a65cee35d157c6.webflow.io/testdropp

I set the html embed at z:1000 for giggles and left the nav bar at z:2005

Yes I figured there’s a bigger problem. Maybe the embed comes with loading its own JS and that messes up with your navbar. i’m not sure if I can find what the cause is here. Even when I delete your embed from the page the dropdown won’t show up

Hm, what do you recommend I do because I desperately need to keep that gallery and the nav the way it is really. I tried to recreate both and it didn’t work by adding the nav component. Should I recreate the nav bar from scratch on the gallery pages?

Yes what I would do is a custom navbar on the gallery page, that is already unfolded. You could take the occasion to give the gallery a special look, like with a dark header and a double level menu, it can be cool… turn the issue into a chance :wink:

Ok when you say that is already unfolded - what do you mean? - sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you able to do that?

Ho I mean, create more links in your custom special navbar and place them as you like. Along the ones already there or in a new bar under

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