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Dropdown Menu with Parent Page

I was wondering if there is a way to have a dropdown menu with a linkable parent page. For example, I have an About Us page with 3 subpages, but I’d also like to have information on the main about us page. Is there a way to make this linkable instead of it controlling the dropdown menu?

Also, I tried forever to get a dropdown menu working on hover. I know there’s been several conversations about it, but unless I am totally missing something…I didn’t see step by step instructions on Vincent’s page…I looked around to try and see if I could figure it out by seeing what he had set but with no luck. I thought I saw someone say there was step by step instructions…can someone point me directly to them so I can try to master it??


Somebody asked that question in another topic and I gave a quick solution:

Ah yes, that’ll work for now! Thanks!