Dropdown menu persist while hovered

I’ve just begun working with dropdown menus. I have been able to set it up to open on hover as well as set the time that it remains. But is there a way to have it stay open as long as it is hovered and to disappear as soon as the cursor is moved off it?

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This is just a general question about hovering over dropdown menus.

Isn’t this how it already works when the “Open menu on hover” option is selected?


If you select open menu on hover the drop down will disappear if you don’t set it to delay. The problem is that if you do that, the drop down will stay for however long you set the time and it will not disappear immediately when the cursor is moved to another navigation link.

Here’s a link to the published page. Note that this is not a client and none of the links work. This is just a rebuild for practice.

If you hover over “projects” the menu will drop down. I set it for 4200 milliseconds. If you need more time to choose, it will disappear. If you decide to move to another nav link, it will persist for the complete time. I would like it to appear on hover and stay there as long as there is a hover and disappear as soon as the cursor is moved away from it.

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Remove margin-top from the opened dropdown menu. The gap is triggering the “unhover” state.

Now this is why I ask for your share link. Nothing is general when referring to things that happen in your project.

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You were right. Sorry.

Thanks for the help.

Do share public link in the future to get your answers sooner. There are people who avoids questions without a public share link without stopping to request you for one.

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