Dropdown menu not working after using custom PJAX code for pagination


I am building a section of a site that is dedicated to news. I have a search section as well as a dropdown archive section. Because the organization has so many articles, I have paginated 36 CMS pages. Since the portion of the news that I am paginating is at the bottom of the page, I added custom code that links back to the start of the section rather than having the viewer scroll all the way back down again. This custom code seems to have affected my dropdown menu in some capacity to where it will open on the first page, but as soon as I switch to another page in the pagination, it wont open. I really would like to continue using the feature of the code as well as the drop down menu without any issues. The code is in the body tag of the page.

Here is my project: Webflow - Forward Performing Arts

Thanks for helping!