Dropdown menu not opening in tablet and mobile

all right so, i’ve been struggling with my navbar … in the desktop, it looks how I want it to look but, when it comes to the menu the chaos begins.

when I select the menu to open as a dropdown it closes (if selected to be visible) but doesn’t open again, but if it’s selected to be hidden, it never shows up. although when I select to open from left or right, it does open inside the container instead of “outside” … i can’t apply flexbox, applying height makes a lot of mess, I’m going crazy with this and I’m almost sure it is not that hard to solve but I’m really struggling to find the solution … help! :sneezing_face:

Hi @Lara_Graysse

You have 2 interactions applied to the navbar which are conflicting. Remove the interaction (Mouse click (tap) - [HM11] navbar opens…) on Hamburger-menu-HM11.

@Lara_Graysse I think you also had a Don’t Shrink or Grow Sizing option selected for nav class which may have been causing an issue.

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thank you for responding!

actually, the nav interactions must have both xd I didn’t remove them but I’ve made some changes and it worked!

first, my container was with flex vertical so I changed it to horizontal, then I had a vw size in my navbar, changed it to auto, and last my nav menu links were after the menu button, I put them before and now they open! xd

but thank you anyways! if u hadn’t come here to respond I wouldn’t even try to fix this, I would just create another navbar and try to do the right thing with it (actually I did create another one but fixed the old one cuz I mean, it’s good when we learn how to solve these kinda problems xd)