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Dropdown menu not including one column


I have a dropdown menu titled “I Want To,” with three columns. For some reason, the first (left most) column appears when I hover over the trigger, but doesn’t otherwise function as part of the dropdown.

When I hover over the first column, the menu closes, and other text appears on top of it, like it’s not actually part of the dropdown.

How can I bring it up, and make it so that I can click on links inside of it?



Here is my public share link:
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@hugosmith - it appears to be working in preview, can you share the live version of the site?

The live version is

It shows up, but if you try to click on any of the far left links, it vanishes before you can get there.

Also—some static text seems to be showing up on top of it on the left?

@hugosmith - it’s because of z-index, you can see the header sitting above the menu:


So when you hover over the menu on the left you are actually hovering over the element on top of the menu in that space on the DOM.

Try removing the z-index from your hero-block-2 element.

It seems like there were actually a couple elements, so I set their positions to static and that resolved the issue. Thanks so much, @sam-g.