Dropdown menu not able to float right?

I’m trying to get my mobile nav menu to dropdown from the right side of the screen. I’ve tried changing the float position but it seems like there is just some constraint on the dropdown setting that only allows it to float left.


Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/frameworksalon?preview=0165831199196d6f24ed53ccf42340c0

Hey @parkerwest,

Are you attempting to do this?

I changed the position from absolute to relative and added float right. This is in preview mode in Webfow, it may look off position in designer view but don’t worry.


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That did work! I was just wondering because it’s placed differently in the designer if it would happen on the live site. Also, it was cutting off when I had it earlier because it was in the nabber for some reason. Anyway, thank you! @nwdsha

Woohoo! You’re very welcome @parkerwest :+1: