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Dropdown menu is loading very slow

We have a dropdown menu on two main navigations. they used to work fine but it takes a long time to load recently.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue.

The “products” and “Industries” buttons have a dropdown menu. When I first get into a new page and hover on them, nothing shows up. I have to remove my cursor and re-hover on them, then the menu will show. But sometimes it takes a longer time to load. I have re-hover several times to get the menu to show up.

Thanks for any help!!!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sunflare

hi @Amandasunflare and welcome, I have looked on your issue and delay is caused by loading page. Mean that page needs lot of time to get fully loaded. It may have something to do with waiting for crazyegg script. Identical 410 error is on both sites ( & .com). When page is loaded (without problematic script) menu is responsive.

here is Safari report

In Safari page load much faster but in Chrome and Firefox it takes over 1 min