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Dropdown Menu in Foot Bar Help

Hi everybody,

I am right now struggling with my footer, and I am looking for some help :slight_smile:
Based on the image I uploaded:

  • On mobile, I give the opportunity to the user to click on some of the dropdown toggles, for example “House Of Tees” if he wants to see the sub-menus inside.
    Question: I would like that the sub-menus takes the space they require and becomes a new element. Now, they are just appearing on top of other elements. Do you know a way to do it?

  • On desktop, these dropdown toggles are not opened (I clicked on the first on it on the screenshot). Do you know a trick to set these dropdown toggles already opened for desktop version only?

Any help would be welcome if I have been enough clear in my explanations (sorry English is not my native language) :slight_smile:



Here is my public share link: LINK
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You might be better off using an interaction here with a hidden div, triggered by a click event. Then you could control the behavior the way you want. The Dropdown is really built for menus.

You could do the same thing with an interaction.


Thank you for your answers, I will give it a try and if I do not made, probably I will need more help and come back with what I have done :slight_smile:

Best regards,