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Dropdown menu field, "Allow Multiple". Data collected from this field does not appear in imported CSV file

I’m a great fan of webflow, been using it for a few years now.
But recently, i’ve been finding a few bugs while using the platform.

While the system does collect the data, and i can see it in the Project Settings’ Forms tab, as seen below.

The data is missing in the exported CSV, as seen below. I tested this on Chrome and Excel 2017
42 PM

I’ve created a project to test this bug.
Here is my site’s Read-Only:

Hi @atzhweb

Thanks for reporting about this issue.

Sorry for the late response. We’re back fromThanksgiving vacation and I’m here to help resolve this issue.

However, it seems both links you shared aren’t accessible anymore. Can you please share active links so I can investigate this issue faster so we can fix it as soon as possible?

Standing by for the link(s)

Kindest regards,

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