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Dropdown Lists Centred

Hey fellow Webflowers,

On a dropdown menu and list, the list always seems to be left-aligned to its menu toggle. Despite having every item within the whole dropdown structure set to centred, the list is never centred on its menu toggle.

Any ideas or correct fixes spring to mind? Thank you so much!

@energidesign if you can send your share link I can look into it

Green shows the primary menu item bounding box, orange shows the dropdown bounding box.

With menu and dd widgets, the hierarchy doesn’t allow for a centering method of both elements.

So, if you have a limited amount of ddown elements and sub items that don’t change often, give an extra, unique class to each dropdown and center them manually using displacement or “right” value.

If you can’t, please give us your public link so we can look into it :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

Also, another problem noted in an earlier topic, the position of the bottom button and its result when clicked, is correct on desktop, but when viewed on an iPad, the button is half off the bottom and when clicked it doesn’t scroll to the full height/position of that last section. Works fine on desktop, and I’ve not yet made any device-specific edits…

Thank you for taking a look…

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