Dropdown List width problem

Hi, i am building a navigation with a standard dropdown item and i want the width of the list respond to the text in it. I set the margin and this is fine but the dropdown list is not getting smaller than the width of the toggle. This might be standard behaviour but how can i pass this?

The goal is to have the width of the dropdown list respond to the width of the text inside of it.
I am talking about the “Company” Dropdown.

Link to Webflow site

Any help apreciated :slight_smile:

Cheers David

Hi - Adjust the Min Width of the nav_dropdown-list element.

So i changed the min-width of this element to 0% and it looks good now. But i don’t understand why it behaves like this? Can u explain to me why it was this wide in the beginning?

The nav_dropdown-list has an ‘absolute’ position, which means it inherits its position from the nearest ‘relative’ position element - which in this case is the nav_dropdown. There’s plenty of resources online to learn about positioning, a quick Google search should point you in the right direction.