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Dropdown issues

I’m trying to make a nice dropdown to the tablet/mobile devices.
1)When i put a long dropdown it doesn’t scroll (put it in a chrome emulator for example or mobile phone). And if it scrolls so it wont scroll on the background (not menu).
2) When i put a dropdown inside a dropdown it looses it’s effects (the inner one doesn’t fade-in and cet…)

How can i fix this?
try it with a mobile device or emulator :slight_smile:

Hi Ariels, thanks for your post. At the moment, it is not possible to scroll on a long dropdown menu, so we advise to keep your menus short with not too many links if you will be using those on mobile. I would recommend to keep things simple on mobile, not too many big menus. We are looking ways to make that component work better.

The Dropdown widget at the moment is not designed to work whilst nested in another Dropdown widget. So that is not supported. It might be some people are able to test the boundaries and have been able to make it work, but we recommend that you use the widget without nesting those inside of each other.

I hope that helps to clarify things. If not, let me know, I am always available via PM.

Cheers, Dave