Dropdown isn’t closing when the tab link is selected

Hello - wondering if anyone can help me. This is my first time building with webflow and I’ve been quite ambitious in how much bespoke stuff I’m using. My company want to publish tomorrow (!!) and I’m in the final sprint to finish my site.

In a nutshell:

  1. I’ve created a subnavigation bar on 2 pages on my site [Huddles / Host Fellowship] using a tab block.
  2. I’ve used sticky positioning to get the subnav to sit under my main nav bar.
  3. I’ve used code [found here: Full Page Tabs - Default To Top] to make each new tab scroll to top.
  4. I’ve used the [amazing] tutorial in this post to change my subnav into a dropdown from tablet > mobile.

Things are kind of working how i want them to, but my dropdown isn’t closing when the tab link is selected, and Im also getting some weird layering on scroll.

Can any one help? So so appreciated, this site has been my everest…

Read only link here