Dropdown is not Resposive

I can’t figure out why the Toggle Dropdown including its texts are not mobile responsive when I go down to the size of iPhone SE. I already removed the container once but it didn’t change anything.
Has anyone any idea or suggestion on how to fix this?

Here is my project link:

Set Container-FAQ to Max-Width: 100%

As for links, they don’t typically like to wrap so they might stick off your page. Instead add links to your text:



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Thank you so much! Setting the width to 100% solved the issue. Unfortunately, I have to write out the links to be safe by law.

There is just one issue left that I just discovered. For the same page and the same area (FAQ items), the headline does not wrap and does not adjust the height of the Toggle area before the dropdown is activated. This is somehow not visible on the designer but once I open the link to preview it on my phone it just cuts off the headline f.e. “1. Information on the collection of” and doesn’t show “Personal Data and Contact Details of the Controller”. I already adjusted the settings but nothing changes.
I just want it to adjust the violet area and break the text so everything fits before the dropdown opens. Can you see why that is and how I can solve it?