Dropdown interfering with the slider animation

When I click the Dropdown, it activates the banner animation, making repeat it …

Take a look:



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Hi @lucaspchara, I looked into this dropdown / animation issue. This seems to be happening because you are resetting the animation during each trigger event. Unfortunately, this type of interaction will not behave as expected. We are working on making this better in the future.

For the time being, I would recommend you try the following approach.

  1. Move the initial “hidden” animation state into the Initial Appearance for each element:

  2. Then, I would also recommend that you move the animation steps directly onto the elements. This makes it a bit more clear as to which elements are being animated.

Hope that helps! Thanks again for reporting this.

It worked, I guess I had forgotten to put the “wait 500ms” rsss.

Thank you so much.