Dropdown in nav working only if i change page first

Hello !

I spent hours looking into it, with no success…
I have dropdown menus in my nav (“Nos formations” and “Ressources”), it shows perfectly in my preview from the designer tool, but when i share the link to the team it doesn’t work properly : the dropdown doesn’t show unless i navigate to any over page (event back to my first page).
I tried to reset the interaction i had (fading opacity),the problem is not that. I even tried to add a dropdown from scratch, from the webflow “add element” panel, to see if it was something i did on mine, but with no luck.

I don’t know where to look !
Thanks for your help,

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Solpedinn)
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Welcome to the community @carolinebrun! :wave:

Since you mentioned it only has issues on the live site I took a peek at the most recent version you’ve pushed to your staging domain (https://solpedinn.webflow.io/) but it seems like it doesn’t match what I’m seeing in the Designer. That said, I don’t have any issue with the dropdown used on the staging domain — even if I don’t change pages first.

Did you happen to get this fixed? If not, can you point me toward the issue on the live site?

Sorry, my message was not specific enough. I haven’t published the site on the staging domain (I can’t until my problem is solved): the menu works when I’m on the editor, but using this share link to send it to my team, it doesn’t work: Webflow - Solpedinn

The drop-down menu on the live version works correctly, it is on the new version of the menu that it does not open unless you have changed the page.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer !

Okay, my client published the site on the staging domain (without telling me :sweat_smile:), it seems to work on the published version.
To summarize, it was working when clicking the “preview” button on the designer, not when sharing the preview link to my team, but it works on the published website.
I guess my problem was not really a problem.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience !