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Dropdown Hover for Mega-menu

Hi there,

Wondering if someone can help me figure out how to make my dropdown nested mega menus appear on hover not on click in the second tier? About us, Ministries and Sermons all have secondary links but I can’t figure out how to toggle between them on hover once the first tier is activated (on click)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Share link:

Staging link:


Hello @DanBennett

Your read only link is not working, can you re share it please?

Hi @aaronocampo

Try now:


Hi Everybody!
I just uploaded an megamenu similar to Webflow website and its Cloneable.
Its 100% Responsive and very clean structure.
Go ahead and give it try and let me know if it helped.

Hi, could’nt find the mega menu project. Actually i’m struggling to make a proper mega menu and thought i could get an idea. Do you still have the project and can share it?


The final mega menu is found on this site:
If you’re still interested I can share the Webflow project.

Thank you so much!



That link doesn’t seem to work. I am new to Webflow so maybe there is something I am missing. I would love to learn how to create a mega menu like the one Webflow uses, specifically, similar to how the menu responds when the “Resources” link is clicked.


Hi Dan, can you make the mega menu cloneable? Would be super helpful as I need a responsive mega menu like yours!