Dropdown element to show / hide longer text

Hi to Webflow community,
I’m a newbie to Webflow and started to discover the Webflow tools to realize a webdesign. But I have a problem with a dropdown element. I used a Menu-Dropdown element to hide and show a part of a longer text. But there is a problem with the width of the textblock in the Dropdown Toggle. I tried pretty much with different combinations of Overflow and Position (like I know from hard coding), but at least there is still a word-wrap missing. At the Dropdownlist the width and the word-wraps are working. Maybe its not the best Element to use with large amount of content (because its intended for short-menu terms). Does anybody know how to manage this case?
Thanks a lot in advance–

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Yeah, the dropdown component isn’t built for this. I’d suggest manually creating a click interaction to show/hide the element instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAWt2SOwmBI

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Hi DFink, great link. I will try to build it this way. Thanks a lot!