Dropdown background


I think I know how to do this–just a gut check to see if I’m not going about things the wrong way. As shown, the desire is to have a nav background appear on hover, then on click of the dropdown, have a full-width background under those items, as well.

I’m thinking of using an empty div in the nav, then an Interaction to create the rollover color, and on click of dropdown, have that height expand to the bottom of the dropdown nav height. Does that make more sense than having a separate background element for the dropdown?


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Why not just apply a hover state to the nav element itself with the background color and add a transition to target that?

Thank you–but could I do that with the nav and have that background expand downward for the dropdown items’ background? Thanks–appreciate the response!

what do you mean? You can apply a background color to the dropdown menu.

Sorry, to clarify: I have a nav height of 70px. There’s a subnav below that nav with an add’l 30px of height. Can I set the background on the nav to expand to cover that add’l height, only when a subnav item is clicked?

you’ll have to post a video. I’m not really sure what you mean