Dropdown arrow issue

I have an animation/trigger set up on my drop down menu and I have no idea where is it coming from so that I can edit it.

On the live site, when you click on ‘All Projects’ in the navigation, the arrow icon moves down while the drop down menu is open. When I close the drop down menu, the arrow moves back up. I believe I maybe set this up a while ago and I have no idea where it is set. When I delete the class ‘DropDown Toggle’ the animation disappears completely. There is nothing set for this class in the states or interaction settings from what I can see.

To get to ‘DropDown Toggle’ in the navigator go Navbar>Container>Nav Menu>Links>Nav Link (with the drop down icon in front)>Dropdown Toggle.

In order to fix some issues with my nav menu, I need to delete the class ‘Dropdown Toggle’ and replace it with something else but I was hoping to keep this animation and just modify it slightly. I am hoping someone can help me because I am driving myself silly trying to figure this out.

read only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/sarahs-portfolio-e677e6?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=sarahs-portfolio-e677e6&preview=65143aa9bf8018a93df12dd7421b26c9&workflow=preview

I attached a gif to show what animation am talking about:
Untitled (1)

Thank you for your help!

hi @Sarah_Madigan you have set padding-bottom: 10px when drop-down is in open stage. Just reset it.

Amazing! I totally forgot about the open state hiding in settings. I really appreciate your help, thank you!