Dropdown animation glitch

Hello, I’am having issues with my dropdown animation.
When it opens it makes this weird glitchy effect happens but on the second click it works fine.

Here is screenshots of the problem, could you please check it out and help me as soon as possible!

Animation screenshot:

Not sure without seeing your read-only link. If you can post that.

Now the javascript in WF will sort of hesitate on the initial load of the preview. Just give it a second before you actually trigger it. There is a slight delay from server to browser.


Hi @davistm, I took a look, but not sure if I am seeing the issue, can you take a screencast?

Here is what I see:

Here is a good tool to take a screencast: https://getcloudapp.com

Here: https://cl.ly/3h0x15420246

Hi there, well I cannot be too sure, I am finding it a little difficult to reproduce, but I can see that on the ‘drop’ legacy interaction, you have a 0px height set with a 50ms delay.

I might set that delay to 0ms instead.

I might also suggest to use the new IX2 interactions as they will make working with interactions easier.

Thanks that solved it:) But could you please check out ssome of my other problems on the forums?

Hi @davistm, thanks, I do my best to get to those quickly, thanks for being involved and lets carry on the convo on those posts :slight_smile: