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Dropdown acts up on mobile

On desktop-view the drop-down menu seems to work ok, but on all mobile sizes it acts weirdly, especially on mobile portrait.

As the newbie I am I guess it´s easy but I can’t find the solution…
Any help appreciated.


Hi @geirwerner70!

For clarification purposes, can you be more specific in regards to which drop-down menu you’re referring to? There are two in your navbar, so I wasn’t sure which one you’re having issues with.

Additionally, can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing so I can see if I can reproduce the issue on my end?

Thanks in advance!

Aha, unclear of me; but I mean the one called “Billetter” (tickets - in Norwegian).

I enclose screenshots of all screens; Desktop- seems ok and I am ready to style, Tablet- pushes down the whole navbarwrapper (?), and on mobile the menu lies on top of the menu-arrow:
tablet-%20pushers%20the%20whole%20navbar mobile%20-%20overlapping

@mattvaru I have wrapped the drop down in a div (I read that it was good practice). And so I tried to positivt the div and not the dropdown directly. To no avail…