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Drop Issue Not Scrolling When List is Long

Could not locate a similar issue… so had to create a new topic.

My dropdown is a bit long. About 20 rows.

Site will only display whatever fits onto the screen - then not display the rest
— is is fine - if I could scroll down the list (drop down).

Anyone encounter similar issues with this ?

I think this might be a css issue and not a webflow issue.

I’ve encountered this before - outside of webflow.

Did you find a solution to this as I am having same problem.

Could not find a fix. May have been a bug in WF or something I did.
I changed the structure of the project in order to bypass the problem.

Still interested in a solution here.

I thought @cyberdave had posted a solution a while back… but I cannot find it.

**Update: I found the original response (from @cyberdave) mentioned above... but I still cannot fix this issue.**

Anyone know what creating this.

Mobile Menu. Main options are Welcome, Our Center, Our Services, Resource, More.

Under More… you see there is an About Us option.

Problem is…
The More drop down has a total of 4 options.
Options 2,3, and 4 are not visible on the screen
and there is no way to scroll to them.

Same issue happens with Our Center and Our Services… both have even more options.

Similar problem… I tried a Menu Right. Works here:

But then - when you select a drop down - this happens.

The dropdown and menu item are not classed.