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Drop Down Sub Menu Update?

I love the new drop down feature but is there a way to add a sub menu drop down. So if you hover on the first drop down link it pulls up a sub menu?

Hi @rsilbereis

have you tried putting a dropdown inside of another dropdown?

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I thought about that but then how do I get it to line up and do I have to then put an interaction on hover to open the new menu?

okay so I added a dropdown where the links normally go but what I want is to hover over the first link in a drop down and the other drop down open to the right

@webflow can someone from Webflow please respond

Hey, @rsilbereis! This can be done! You can see it working here:

And here is a read-only version of the site:

I added a navbar, then I added a dropdown. I placed a dropdown inside of that and I set them both to open on hover.

Then I styled the icon on the second dropdown so it would point right (just added a transform). Then I added a class to the div that wraps those children, and since it’s positioned absolutely, just moved it out to the right-hand side. If you give me just a few minutes I’ll make you a video! :slight_smile:


Maybe this will help!


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