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Drop Down Selection and submit

Hi Guys,

Hope you can help me out. I’m trying to work on a page for a client where they have a selection for bespoke bikes, which they don’t want added to a cart but the selection emailed over.

I’ve tried using the form part, but I was wondering if there is a better way to do this, as I can’t style the Select Field button, so it looks a bit pants.

Any ideas how I could achieve this would be really, really appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Why can’t you style the select field? If it’s the background - try using a solid overlay bg and maybe that’ll do the trick for ya.

Hi Mate,

Its the actual button itself that I can’t style, as if I put a colour over, it is better, but it has rounded corners and a slightly visible gradient that I’d prefer not to have really…

Thanks for the pointer though, much appreciated.