Drop-down result to button

I want to create a drop-down and a button that re-directs to another page
For example. When you click on the Drop-down you see options like Call Mom, Call Dad, Call Brother. When you select any of the option, you can click on the button it takes you to a tel:…

Hi Raymond. You can use the Navbar element to achieve this.

Once you add the navbar element, you can expand to see the various elements.

I’ve styled the Nav Link (which is a Link Block element) as a basic button.

Now, to add your links, you can double click on each nav link to change the text, and use the settings to add a tel: link as shown

Normally, this will only convert to a dropdown on smaller screens, but with a simple change done by selecting the Navbar element:

And adjusting the “Menu icon for” setting by dragging the slider all the way to the left

You’ll see in the designer that your buttons have disappeared, and you’re left with a menu icon. image

Now, when you preview the project and click on the menu icon, you can see it in action. I’ve applied some more styling here just for fun, but this is just to show you a way this can be done.

Now, you can also build this yourself without using the Navbar element if you prefer to build from scratch. This would require some work with interactions, which you can learn more about here. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can clarify anything.

For Webflow

This what i’m trying to achieve. In the drop-down, there various locations that each have different phone numbers. So when i select any location, it throws the phone number link to the “Request Pick-up” buttons

Thanks for explaining further what you’re actually looking for. This could still be built using interactions – you would create from scratch the drop down, and separate buttons for each link, and use a hide/show interaction to show the proper button based on what’s selected in the dropdown.

This can, of course, also be accomplished with some custom code, this appears to be a viable example.

Yessssss! Thank you.
That logic seems quite right.
I will give it a try.

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Great! Let me know if you run into any issues and we’ll try to work them out.

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Hi Coleman. thank you again.
I tried it, but here’s what i found:

  1. If i had more than 10 options in the drop-down, there would be an overflow on the page.
  2. Creating 10 different “Request Pick-up” would be a little messy
  3. What if i built a form and used select, will i still be able to modify each button?