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Drop down nav with scroll on desktop

Hi there,

I am in need of some guidance, I have dropdown menus on my desktop view that need to be a fixed height and scroll. Im not sure what element to change setting on to make it occur.

Secondly, I need the mobile drop down to click drop down and the second click on the main menu would open the link, at the moment it is opening on hover but linking through to the main page and not displaying the drop down navigation.

Here is the read-only.

Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @lizard,

Can you publish the domain for this project?

However, when using the native dropdowns in Webflow, to have the label not be clickable on mobile is not possible.

Based on the description of what you want to be done, as I have gone through this exact issue, you will only be able to do that with a custom dropdown for mobile as the native dropdown is not designed for that feature. Also, the hover effect is useless on tablet and mobile.

Thank you for your reply Brandon.

This is the .io domain

So aside from the mobile issue, how do I have dropdown menus on my desktop view set to fixed height and have a scroll bar, currently they view fine on larger monitors but get cut off on smaller ones.

As for the mobile, without the ability to create a custom navigation, is there a way to have dropdown on hover for desktop but remove that function on mobile and tablet so that it perform strangely on mobile and tab?

Thank you so much

@WebDev_Brandon Hi Brandon,
Any advice on the above?
Thank you

@WebflowMasterclass can you offer any support with this?

Hello @sabanna,

I saw your response to this question…

I have a similar question in regards to setting dropdown view height with scroll bar.
When I followed what you described in the link above, it didn’t work for me as it jumbled things around on the desktop view. Please, I need help.

Thank you