Drop Down Menu Malfunction

Drop down menu content is remaining in view when on mobile portrait or mobile landscape. When I click/press drop down menu toggle the content appears slightly to the right or the drop down menu text disappears.

I posted a view only link below, let me know how I can fix this as its very annoying for clients coming to the site. Thank you!


Hi @mattmora

Do you mean the menu stays open in Webflow when you move to the lowest device sizes? Does it do this on the live site? You would need to open the live site on a tablet and your phone to test. In the real world a user wouldn’t be using the designer, or scaling your site in a browser. We do this as developers, users don’t. What happens testing this live?

I exported the code and hosted the site so its live now. Take a look at the site using different screen sizes and you’ll see what I mean. In the real world if someone visits on a phone the menu is jacked up. It stays open and when you click on the toggle icon the text moves over to the right, if you click on the toggle again the text moves back to center but does not become hidden like it should.

I see, since you exported that’s a different thing because you can’t replicate problems. I looked at it from my phone and it’s fine. The only thing that shifts is the Services dropdown. And it does stay open. You must be talking about the Services being the only issue. Man, since you exported, you’ll have to fix this from the browser console.

I believe this is a known issue. I would try to re-export again and upload the files using zip. And if that doesn’t work, you may have to upload one by one. I know that’s not ideal, but there’s nothing more anyone can do since it’s exported. But yes, others have had this issue before.

To make it simple. I recommend deleting the dropdown element and go back in the Designer and build it manually. You only have 3 links, so it won’t take long. The native components do have hard-code in them. Creating it using interactions will be an easier option.

Let me know what you decide.