Drop-Down Menu Glitching on Hover in Nav Bar


I’ve created two drop-downs in my Nav Bar, and for some reason they’re not opening smoothly.
When the mouse hovers, it drops down, but as I try to go to that drop down menu, it immediately snaps shut so I’m unable to actually use the menu.

I think I must have done something wrong? But I can’t seem to figure this out!


Any help appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey @kaitlynb, there is a gap between the Toggle and the List. That space is not considered part of
the dropdown, so it immediately closes the dropdown.
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 16.38.30

I was gonna suggest you to disable the Open menu on hover but realise your dropdown is linked to another page. Only way is for you to remove the gap, use margins instead of padding.

Hi @dennyhartanto – I did think that may be it, that makes sense.

Thanks for your help, have a good day :slight_smile:

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