Drop down issue using Mobile NAV

Hey there!

As the topic says, I’ve got an issue when it comes to display a dropdown list in the mobile nav, it simply vanishes. When i select the dropdown using the tool system on the right side and open it using that way, the links appears. But not the “Drop downer” so to speak. Anyone knows a solutions for this?

Thank you

Hey @armino can you please send us a Read-Only link to help you solve this issue?

Most likely the nav is there, but you just need to add styling to the drop down starting at the Tablet breakpoint (after you’ve styled the desktop breakpoint) :slight_smile:

We’ll get this figured out. :slight_smile:



Hey @Waldo.
I would like to say, thank you for the quick reply. The reason that the drop down didnt display on the mobile nav was because somehow i managed to disable it there haha, silly mistake.

Yes im new to Webflow and i think its a great way to understand the concept of CSS and HTML in a more advanced way. Knowing how to place the div blocks and the other stuff =)

Id just like to thank you once more for the reply.


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