Drop down interaction not working all of a sudden

All of a sudden a drop down interaction that I set is not working in mobile. It still works across all other displays. And I have two of the same interactions in two different sections. One of them still works in mobile and the other doesn’t.

I’ve tried to see what the problem is but I can’t find anything wrong.

The interaction that is not working is under the “ambassadar section” and the interaction is set on the “ambassadar button” linked to the “ambassadar container2”.

I could really use help on this one.


Hello @fittersift,

To me that interaction works fine on all views. The only issue I see is overlapping 2 sections on mobile portrait view. But reason of that is fixed height of “ambassador section” set to 140 px. In this situation this section need either overflow=auto, or height = auto.



I can’t believe I missed that! Problem solved.

Thanks so much.

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