Drop Down Datepicker & Form Doesn't Stay Open After Selection

I have this problem with my drop down date picker. I have a drop down with two datepickers, and once i select my date from either one, the drop down closes. I also have a function to auto populate the Check-Out date with the next day chosen in the Check-in field.

I researched a method of stopping the datapicker’s click event from bubbling up in the DOM tree using “event.stopPropagation()”. I’ve tried it in JS fiddle first to test and now that i have it working there, i transfer the same exact JS over to my Webflow site and it still doesn’t seem to work.

Additionally, i have the same problem with another component in the same drop down. The Promo Code section also has another drop down field that closes once you click into the field.

Here is the resource i’ve used:

Here is the link to my working example in JS fiddle:

And here are my preview links:

Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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you ever figure out a solution. I need to pass to and from information with date picker from one page to another on my site to book hotel stay. I’m not a dev so this is super hard for me. Please help if you can.


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Sorry, I never found an answer and it still doesn’t stay open but i was still able to pass the variables over to the booking engine. The problem with the dropdown reservation widget only happens when clicking on the Date Picker or Text Input field, in this case the Promo Code box. When clicking on the drop down for number of Adults/Kids/Rooms it stays open. To this day i’ve still been searching for an answer :pensive: