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Drop Down Coming In From Corner- How To Fix (Accordion Style)


I have a section on my site that has three buttons in a row. When you click on a button a coinciding section underneath it appears. My issue is, is that when the section drops down it is coming in from the side and looks terrible. I want it to drop it and own from the top of that 3 button bar. Any tips would help.

Initially, I wanted to make a custom accordion that would be sticky after a certain point on the page and then expand and contrast depending on the section you pressed. The issue with that was that I couldn’t figure out how to keep the other sections still on the screen as you scrolled. (So if you pressed button 1, button 1’s contents who pop out but button 2 & button 3 would move up or down on the screen but still be in view when you scrolled in case you wanted to click on them.)

I am attaching a video for context for my first problem but any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!

Broken Button- Accordion Style