Drop Down boxes not working on Read-Only Link

This is my first time doing a website and I am certainly a very green novice. I am sure that there are a ton of errors on my site, but right now i am not able to get my Drop Down box to work on the read-only link; it works when i toggle preview. I have deleted and added back several times. I need to add a number of these drop down boxes, but I can’t even get one to work.

If the links don’t work in the Read Only, but do in my toggle preview does that mean it won’t work when I publish?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Epsilyte

Hi @alexiswebflow,

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Are you referring to this dropdown?
CleanShot 2022-07-28 at 11.19.12@2x

If so, it’s working on my end on read-only. You might just need to toggle preview on and off to get all the scripts working properly.

Thank you so much! Appreciate the response.